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 This Cool slender design is perfect for any beverage*Style#2 *Easy to drink from*made from the best quality stainless steel*keeps your cold beverages colder for longer and your hot beverages hotter for longer*Another great pick for personalizing.

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Barrel Mug, Style#2 Ruggade Design, Perfect for any occasion-Highest Grade Stainless Steel-Personalize-with name*logo*picture*artwork

  • Special no Tarnish Finish
  • 36 oz*Dishwasher safe*Freezer safe*Double Barrel
  • Highest Grade Stainless Steel allows for this mug to be high polished
  • Other mugs are dull because they are a thinner poorer grade of stainless steel and can’t be polished to a high gloss finish
  • Great style for putting design on*rounded handle for comfortable grip*fluted at top for drinking ease
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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 7 in