Stainless Steel |Western Beer-Coffee Mug 32 oz’s|Great for Camping & Heating Liquids


There is nothing regular about this Mug*Style#3* Made to last* made to stand out*made for every beverage you have. Another awesome pick for personalizing.

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The Campfire mug is a classic style of mug reminiscent of the wild west

  • Can handle gentle heating of liquids on a low flame so it’s perfect for camping
  • High Polished Stainless Steel,Italian Barrel Mug, Special No Tarnish Finish
  • Keeps Your Cold Drink Colder Longer, Unbreakable, so it’s stronger than all other drink ware
  • 32 oz’s of awesome, campfire styled- bolder Handle for great grip control, fluted top for drinking ease
  • Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, non tarnish finish-use with Hot or cold beverages
  • Important: Always use pot holders or cover hands with protective cooking mitts to pick up heated objects from any warming source

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 5 in